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Energize- Energize-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i still think that u dont read these anymore.

ur popular enough to were u prolly dont,
just want to say i love it . its amazing. its fast passed. its crazy. its great driving music. i love the snare roll that u do. its crazy. i need to get a better comptuer and then i can do shit like that.


PERVOK responds:

I always take the time to look if I have any reviews on any of my hundreds of songs, but that's pretty true what you said; on my older songs I usually don't respond to the reviews because they are usually just one line that said "wow this is great man". And when I wrote the song 2 or 3 years ago, there's honestly not much more I can say to that :(

Man, you just gotta get practicing :) Music will become a passion to you, and then you'll think my music is crap because you've gotten great at it :) Thanks for the review, but more importantly, keep up writing music!

--Silver Rain--- - - --Silver Rain--- - -

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i know u prolly dont read these anymore..

but im a starting producer....i suck...i need lesons...not from you but music lessons in general. but i love your music and i was woundering if you could give me and pointers on anything/ any pointrrs on aanything at all, what programs , what equipment. anything.
once again love your music.


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PERVOK responds: udio

Check out that page, it has many links that can help you out with programs and whatnot :) As for music lessons, it's as simple as taking a music class in high school. I did, and now I have a very elementary understanding of scales, notation, modes, etc. It's a good idea to look into it :)

Thanks for the review!

BeatSource - Among Angels BeatSource - Among Angels

Rated 5 / 5 stars


So My Cusin Gives you Props, Great Props so I Decided i would Check you Out too.
it is amazing i love the song , its crazy , and great job with piano roll. ive been working with Fl7 for about maybe year. but very lightly. im starting to get deeper into working on stuff tho, i had just moved so it took me a while to get back into things. but i was woundering if there are any tricks or tips to Fl7 that you are willing to share. i like it witch plug ins did you use? i can tell some of them, it sounds likee u use Toxic III for part of it, but yest it is amazing. Keep Up the Work.

Ethalyn responds:

well first off thanks for checking me out man =) and ye FL does take some time to understand, i understand much, but i think i have allot of those little things that you mentioned to learn still, but sure i can learn you what i know =P lol i aint pro or anything but ill give it a try =] well, in this song, i used Nexus, and tried layering some sorts together to create this sound, but no Arpegiators though =P i think that is maybe a bit lazy xD

but again, thanks for checking it, glad ya like it, PM me bout FL7 shit! =D