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My Computers

2008-09-22 05:26:55 by Dxyz-Productionz

this is a bad day for all of us, ive lost both of my computers. there down. witch means that i canot make/produce/play/play gunz. at all :'( no i just need to fork out the cash for a new computer. then i will be back up and producing again.

thank you
.:.:-Dj Wheela-:.:.

Amazing. News

2008-08-07 14:53:51 by Dxyz-Productionz

The Dxyz Team Has Just Gotten Ahold Of The New March 2008 Full Download of Fruity Loops 8. Me And The Rest Of The Team Have Herd Good Things About It. we are hoping that you will like what we produce with our now largly expanded horizons.

~Dj Wheela